Welcome to Five and Dime Supper Club

At Five and Dime, everyone is welcomed to partake at our table and create in our kitchens. We truly believe that food should be about passion and story-telling, and not about exclusivity. In an effort to reach our goal of exploring how good food, and wonderful folks create community, we offer two unique experiences: Supper Club and Cooking Lessons.

Supper Club

"We had the liquor, the chicken, the music, and each other, and had no need to pretend to be what we were not"

James Baldwin.

Our Supper Club is about re-creating & reinterpreting the in-home dinner experience which we all know & love---minus that one crazy uncle who comes around the holidays. At Five and Dime, Creative Digestives is about the exchange of creativity, excellent conversation, & a chance to meet & build relationships in an easy going atmosphere. Chef Amanda collaborates with local Copenhagen artists to bring you fearless & tempting culinary creations based on the interpretation of the artist's work. Here at our table, strangers become known, good music graces your ear, & art speaks to your soul while you dine.

No pretense. Come and grab a seat!

The Supper Commons

The Supper Commons meets within various locations of Copenhagen, and its location is largely influenced by the artist's work. Whether indoor in a minimalist warehouse, on a moonlit rooftop or outdoor in a beautiful garden with old movies gracing the background, it is truly the perfect spot for meeting new folks and eating a wonderfully prepared meal.

Cooking Lessons

"The people who give you their food, give you their heart."

Cesar Chavez.

Hone your skills, baby!

Five and Dime Cooking lessons are about equipping home cooks with the culinary skills necessary to create a fun dinner experience. We bring the cooking lesson and tools to you. All you need is a working stove, and a can-do spirit. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, creating romantic date for you & a loved one, or cooking for family, we'll take care of you!

I got 99 Problemsbut cooking 'aint one

Act like a chef!

Being an amazing cook isn't about following recipes----it's about learning how to think and act like a chef. We'll teach you how to create delicious seasonal dishes, all while having fun! Tell us what you want to learn, and we will work with you to customize a lesson plan to fit your culinary needs. Not sure what you want to learn? No worries, we can also create a lesson plan which will teach you a little bit of everything.

What you can expect in our one-on-one private lessons

  •   Customized lesson plan to fit your culinary needs and desires.
  •   Knife Skills: Learn how to not only cut beautifully, but effectively and safely.
  •   Fundamental cooking and baking techniques.
  •   Fun and personable tutelage while preparing each dish.
  •   A take-home packet with helpful notes, so that you can practice and recreate at home.

How to Grab a Seat


Select a date

Choose a date for either a supper club gathering or a cooking lesson to get started on your culinary adventure.


Receive Confirmation

We’ll contact you to confirm your seat at Five and Dime Supper Club or we’ll work with you to customize a cooking lesson plan to fit your culinary needs.


Pay Through our Portal

Five and Dime takes two forms of payment: Venmo or Paypal. We look forward to having you!

Five & Dime Team

  • Team Member

    Amanda Yee
    Chef & Founder

    Living & working in Copenhagen, but a native Oakland Chef, Amanda has a degree in English, Sociology, & Culinary Arts. She currently works with Mette Helbaek, co-owner of Stedsans, as a chef & food stylist in-the-making. Previously, she worked with Bryant Terry as his sous chef & fellow food justice advocate. Her culinary focus is community building through meal sharing using quality, seasonal and organic ingredients. A large part of her work includes collaborating with local artists in an attempt to explore how food is a conduit for real & raw emotions. She holds a special interest in food policies which ensure that folks in low-income neighborhoods, war-torn countries, & negligible circumstances have the tools and resources necessary to eat well. Prior to working for Bryant, Yee worked & trained in some of the best Bay Area restaurants, & was a private chef for several different families in San Francisco & both the Oakland & Berkeley Hills. Yee's culinary influences hail from all over the world, but her favorites are The American South, California & The Mediterranean.

    Team Member

    Japheth Gonzalez
    Resident Artist

    Japheth is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. He has produced work for several community based organizations such as: Jack London Square, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, The Luggage Store Gallery SF, Restaurants Opportunity Center United NYC, & Chaparral City Gallery. In addition to being a visual artist he is also the co-founder of Flavourhood, a bay area arts collective which serves as a formal gallery setting. He also provides art direction & curation for all Flavourhood events, and works with Five and Dime’s Creative Digestives to provide a time of production, research, reflection, and presentation to artists interested in joining the Five and Dime dinner experience. Japheth received his graduate degree with honors from UC Davis & currently lives & works in the bay area.

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